Labradoodles and Exercise

Energetic and playful, the Labradoodle loves to play. They can be a high energy dog and require sufficient exercise.

Energy Levels

Labradoodles do require a moderate amount of exercise. In general, a daily walk is a sufficient amount of exercise.  But bear in mind, that some Labradoodles will never say no to more! 

They are great dogs to jog with, though they may want to stretch their legs off-leash when you’re done.


Labradoodles are intelligent and need to be mentally and physically stimulated. Without adequate interaction and exercise, Labradoodles can become quite destructive and may engage in hyper-excitable behaviour such as jumping up, escaping, barking and digging.

Individual Differences

There are individual differences in dogs and energy levels.  My first Labradoodle Coco had an ideal energy level for my own lifestyle.  She was always up for a game of fetch; a walk in the sun or a swim in the dam however she was equally as comfortable to sit at my feet for hours on end as I studied at a desk or curl up with me on a couch while  perusing a magazine

Space for Big Dogs

Large sized Labradoodles have an increased need for exercise, plus space to run around (big backyards and parks are perfect).  I would recommend a miniature to small-medium size dog for families who live in apartments or small size dwellings.


Genetics Come into Play

As a breeder, I have found it possible to predict the energy levels of developing puppies with some degree of accuracy by noting the genetic lines of the parents.  We definitely have some labradoodles that could be described as ‘couch potatoes’, some labradoodles that are better described as ‘endurance athletes’ and some that are more the ‘pop and fizzle’  kind of dog.


The team at Burrinjuck Labradoodles do make every effort to match the lifestyle of families with a puppy that has a compatible energy level.  Chat to us about the personality of the parents of any potential puppy to find out more information about  the likely personality of any puppy from a litter being a good match for your family.

Labradoodles and Water

In answer to the question, “Do labradoodles like water?  YES, YES,YES !! 

Most labradoodles love the water. They will seize any opportunity to splash in puddles, swim in dams or lounge in pools of water.  We provide  wading pools [Blue Clams from Bunnings] for our dogs and they will spend hours, splashing about and running through these pools regardless of the weather or the season. The exception to this love of water, is possibly bath time. 


Despite the fact that Labradoodles will stomp in any muddy puddle or seize any opportunity to get filthy and wet while out on walks, they seem to resist bath time. I have tried showers, baths, professional hydro-baths and the good old laundry trough but my labradoodles at best will tolerate these forms of getting clean.