What is a Guardian Program?


A guardian arrangement is a contract between yourself and Burrinjuck Labradoodles.  The cost of the guardian program is $700.  

What does the Guardian Program entail?

Under a guardian arrangement, the care and responsibilities of pet ownership would belong to you over the lifetime of the dog.  Burrinjuck retain the exclusive breeding rights for the guardian dog for 3 litters (females) and for 5 years  (males). All money from puppies belong to Burrinjuck. After the completion of your contract we would have your dog spayed/neutered at our expense. 

We have a strong preference for families to be located within our local region of North East Victoria.  We do have some flexibility to accomodate families located in Melbourne or surrounding areas, provided families are willing to commit to our breeding program.  It would be necessary for potential Guardian owners to to be flexible with travel or making arrangements for the dog to return to Burrinjuck when necessary.

Female Dogs

We do not usually begin breeding from girls until around  18 months to 2 years. Typically, we would aim to have a litter per year over a 3 year period.

 Girls would need to return to Burrinjuck, while we join her with the stud of choice.  Sometimes the new mums stay with us at Burrinjuck for 6 wks, or so while raising her puppies. Other families actually request for their dog to remain in their family home to give birth. Where this is feasible, we do encourage this option. It is less stressful for the new Mumma if she is able to remain in a familiar environment to give birth. We are also open to Guardian Families having the puppies stay with them for a period of time (up to 6 weeks after birth). At 6 weeks, we separate Mum from her puppies to complete the weaning process and puppies  return to Burrinjuck to commence training and  receive their veterinary health check. 

A female dog will generally begin to cycle between 6 months and 9 months of age. Each season will likely last two weeks. Most females will repeat a season every 6 to 9 months. Larger dogs may only cycle every 9 months. Smaller dogs tend to cycle every 6 months

Male Dogs

For boys, we consider maturity to be from 12 months onwards. Studs are contracted to Burrinjuck Labradoodles for a period of 5 years. Generally, we use boys a couple of times per year however there is not a set number of stud duties per year.  It really depends on our breeding needs at the time. To complete a successful mating cycle involves 3 visits by the female over a period of about a week. We may need to house the boy at our property for between one to two weeks each time a girl comes into season. It may be possible to bring the girl to your property, if you are local. This is one of the reasons that we do prefer our Guardians to live in the vicinity of North East Victoria.  Sometimes it is necessary to take the stud to the vets to collect semen if we are experiencing difficulty achieving a natural mating.

Advantages of the Guardianship Program

There are many advantages to becoming a part of our fabulous Burrinjuck Guardian Community. We select and retain the very best dogs for our Guardian Program. We assess for the best temperaments and retain puppies that have the most appealing colours and markings.  You can be reassured that our most valuable lines are the dogs that we offer through a Guardian arrangement. 

Our pet puppies range in price between $3300 and $3850. The cost of adopting a Burrinjuck puppy through our Guardian Program is only $700. It is a wonderful opportunity to adopt a premium puppy at such an affordable price.

Another highlight often mentioned by our Guardian families is the sense of community. Guardians experience a lot of pleasure from connecting with other Guardian families. Guardians may keep in touch with those families that have purchased a puppy from their dog.  Facebook community groups and Group Messenger are two common modes of staying in touch. 

And last but not least, who can resist the joy of puppies. It is so rewarding to be a part of bringing so much happiness into people’s lives. Our dogs make a  positive impact on the quality of lives for so many people. 

Current Guardian Opportunities


Gender: Female
Dam: Delilah
Stud: Thumper
Size: Medium
Colour: Gold Abstract
D.O.B: 8th May 2024

Take Home: 3rd July, 2024



Gender: Female
Dam: Merida
Stud: Splash
Size: Miniature
Colour: Red Abstract
D.O.B: 2nd May 2024

Take Home: 27th June 2024



Gender: Female
Dam: Cluedo
Stud: Haru
Size: Miniature
Colour: Chocolate Abstract
D.O.B: 2nd May 2024

Take Home: 27th June, 2024


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"My husband and I have been privileged to be a part of Burrinjuck's guardian program. After losing both of our fur babies in 2021, we approached Katrina and Hamish to be guardians of a Burrinjuck Labradoodle Puppy. Lulu, (Burrinjuck Cluedo) came to us on November 10th 2021. Both we and Katrina are in constant contact about Lulu’s progress. My husband and I are so impressed with the care, information provided to us when supporting, training and breeding Lulu. Burrinjuck have been wonderful. Nothing is too much trouble. Katrina is an ethical breeder who takes extreme care when deciding the well-being of each dog. If you are like us and want a fur baby without the expense of buying a pup outright, I would highly recommend considering a guardianship pup! "

Ann Parkman


Whether you’re curious about the Guardian Program in general or would like to discuss the Guardian Care Arrangement in greater detail, we’re here to answer any questions.